Kwang Tai Group Of Companies

Kwang Tai Group was first established in 1981, a diversified entity that engaged in the core business of property development and construction, manufacturing commercial refrigeration, retailing and wholesaling air-conditioning & refrigeration accessories & electrical equipment & stainless steel products as well as immediate services provided by the company.  The subsidiaries of Kwang Tai Group are Kwang Tai Development Sdn Bhd, Kwang Tai Air-Cond & Refrigeration Equipment Sdn Bhd, and Kwang Tai Refrigerators & Electrical Sdn Bhd, which located around the East Malaysia in Kuching, Sibu, Miri, Kota Kinabalu and Sandakan.

Kwang Tai Development Sdn Bhd (KTD)

The subsidiary is mainly engaged in the development of residential properties, integrated townships, commercial development and properties investment. Going beyond the current projects, we are expanding our development projects in coming years.

Kwang Tai Air-Cond & Refrigeration Equipment Sdn Bhd (KTA)

The principal activities of the subsidiary are focusing on wholesaling & retailing by supply a wide range of products in the field of air-conditioning and refrigeration for vehicles, cold room, kitchen equipment, and others refrigeration accessories.

Kwang Tai Refrigerators & Electrical Sdn Bhd (KTR)

The subsidiary primary focusing on product design & customization, product retailing & wholesaling, product consultation and 24 hour breakdown services provided to Kwang Tai’s loyalty customers. Instead of customizing products locally, KTR also involved itself in importation of commercial refrigeration merchandises. Kitchen equipment and others which made in stainless steel & aluminum, Walk-in-freezer & chiller and refrigeration system are provided to different customers from different industries based on their requirement.

Kwang Tai Air-Conditioning & Electrical Works (KTE)

A subsidiary involved in manufacturing of commercial refrigerators, stainless steel & aluminum for kitchen equipment, Polyurethane Panel for Coldroom, refrigeration system for transport and commercial use. The plant location is situated at Muara Tuang Land District which covering an area of 3 acres approximately. We imported various high-tech machineries and brought in sophisticated skills in order to enhance the product quality and production rate.

With an intelligent and extraordinary workforce of over 250 people, the Group’s global presence can be gradually grown into a sustainable business recently. In order to maintain the higher standard of corporate behavior, Kwang Tai Group will continuously seek for improvement in term of product and services aim to fulfill the customer needs in the coming future.

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