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Kwang Tai Air-cond & Refrigeration Equipment Sdn Bhd (KTA)

Kwang Tai Air Cond & Refrigeration Equipment Sdn Bhd (KTA) is a subsidiary of Kwang Tai Group established since 1980. With its origins in the provision of retailing and wholesaling in Capital of Sarawak (Kuching), Kwang Tai Air Cond is now a major provider for each household, industries and commercial markets in East Malaysia, Brunei and Kalimantan.

Kwang Tai Air Cond offers the most comprehensive accessories coverage in the Malaysian region. With its offering of reasonable price, high quality accessories and immediate delivery, KTA continues to improve reliability in customer base and maintain its business sustainability throughout the years.
Our main objective is to continuously improve customer satisfaction to help our clients allocate all reliable quality product and excellent service in order to commit and meet the demand of customer needs that ensure consistent improvement in product quality cycle and cost reductions for all parties in the supply chain.

As a market leader, Kwang Tai Air Cond provides all level of quality products and accessories in term of car air-cond, walk-in freezer and chiller, refrigerator, and heating ventilation air conditioning (HVAC).

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