PVC Curtain Hangers and Clamps


Hanger specifications

Hanger Length 1 meter per length
Materials Gauge 0.9mm / 2B304 Stainless Steel Sheet
Clamps quantities 5 clamps per 1 meter hanger

Clamps specifications

Clamps width (PVC curtain size) 200 mm (8 inches)
Materials Gauge 1.0mm / 2B304 Stainless Steel Sheet

Application and features. :

  • Install at Doors of insulated rooms such as walk in Chiller or Processing room to reduce air circulation.
  • Ease of maintenance when cleaning or changing PVC curtain after wears and tears.
  • Adjustable overlaps and spacing of PVC curtain according to ones requirement.
  • Anti rust,  Durable and Hygienic


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